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Introduction from our CEO

Priya Surya quickly shows how Goodwill can work for you.

Why Goodwill?

Verified Will Documents

Ironclad, legally enforceable documents based on state-specific laws.

Privacy and Convenience

Modern estate planning from comfort and safety of home through a secure interface.

Global Coverage

Made in the US, to cover assets locally and abroad, for common law countries.

Update Anytime

Adding a new home, or changing your distribution? Just log in, take a minute to make the change, and print your new will.

Help from Live Experts

Speak with real humans online, via video or over the phone. Talk to us

How does it compare?

Traditional estate planning

Lots of questions and paperwork

Find, visit, and pay for a lawyer

3-6 weeks for a will

Bait and switch pricing

Using Goodwill

  • Create a legally valid will at home
  • Live help from will writing experts
  • Flat, affordable pricing
  • Update your will, anytime
Start for free
Doing nothing

What are the consequences?

Who looks after your family?

Where are all your accounts?

How will the bills get paid?

How It Works

Create your will in minutes,
store online and update anytime

Answer a few easy questions

Easily decide what is right for you and your family, with all the options you would have if you used a lawyer.

Review & sign

We pack everything you need into a handy, easy to understand document that you just need to sign.

Store forever, update anytime

Lifetime account with every will. Access your will at anytime and update it as life circumstances change.

Built by lawyers

Our will writing tool has been created based on statutes such as the Wills Act, the Probate and Administration Act, and US case law.

Your will is designed around your state's laws and your specific cirumstances.

Based on US law, your will is:

Fully legal after proper signing

No need to notarise your will

No need to register your will

Your will-based estate plan

Your will is built around you,
with expert support when you need it

Guardians for children
Guardians for children

Ensure your children’s wellbeing by naming someone you trust. If they live abroad, name a temporary guardian as well.

Gift anything to anyone
Gift anything to anyone

Anything you own can be gifted to any individual you want. Got that record collection that you want to go to that special person, not a problem. You can also choose to leave vehicles, collections of items and even simple money gifts.

Your estate split how you want
Your estate split how you want

Your will, your way. Ultimate flexibility around who gets your assets and possessions.

Naming an executor
Naming an executor

Guidance on how to choose the right person to distribute your assets. Read about Choosing an executor

Organise all your assets
Organise all your assets

Give your executor all the information about your finances and properties in one place, attached to your will.

Personal Messages to loved ones
Personal Messages to loved ones

Leave personal messages to make your gifts even more meaningful.

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Commonly asked questions

  • What happens when someone passes away in the US?

    If they have a will, their appointed executor locates the will, applies to the courts for a ‘Grant of Probate’, approaches financial institutions to close accounts, distributes assets from the accounts according to the will.

    If they don’t have a will, someone step up to represent the deceased in the middle of your family’s grief. Others who qualify must give their written consent.

    They must create a Schedule of Assets, and apply to the court for ‘Letter of Administration’, and once granted, approach financial institutions, and then distribute assets according to the state’s own formula. You and your family have no say.

  • Do I need a will?

    Main reasons

    • Ensures your assets are not lost/go unclaimed by your family
    • Secure guardianship for any minor children, and ensure they are financially and emotionally cared for by someone you trust
    • Appoints a person you trust and have informed to execute your estate
    • Prevents confusion regarding your wishes
    • Give to charitable causes you care about

    It is particularly important if:

    • you have children under 21
    • you have no clear heirs, and there’s a high likelihood your assets could go to the state
    • you are in a domestic partnership
  • When do I not need a will?

    If you have assets less than $50,000, then your estate need not go through the probate process. In this case, it may not be necessary to set out your assets in a will. If your wishes exactly match the law of intestacy, and you don’t have any minor children, and don’t care about who executes your estate,

  • What do I put in my will?

    Seems like you’ll have to pull your hair out with sorting out bank statements and insurance policies, while the lawyer runs an expensive hourly bill.

    At Goodwill, we want to remove all the stress and make it easy to create a will in minutes, and keep it updated throughout your life.

    Step 1: About you

    When you write your will, you’ll be asked some basic information that goes into your will such as your full name, address, marital status, children, pets

    Step 2: Guardians for children

    If you have children under 21 or pets, you’ll be able to appoint guardians here

    Step 3: Distributing your wealth

    You’ll have a chance to indicate who gets what percentage of your overall wealth between your family, friends, and social causes you care about.

    We’ll ask for:

    • Your primary beneficiaries (for example, your spouse or partner)
    • Your secondary beneficiaries (children, parents, friends, others) if your primary beneficiaries pass away before you do.
    Step 4: Choosing executors

    Choosing someone you trust who is capable of navigating the legal and financial process if something happens to you is one of the most important parts of writing a will.

    You can appoint a family, friend, or a professional in this section in minutes.

    Optional step: Gifts

    You may wish to give sums of money to the caretaker of your pet, or a beloved possession to your favourite niece or nephew. Here’s where you specify who gets what, along with a personal message to them.

    You can leave:

    • A specified sum of money
    • An specific possession such as an heirloom ring, or automobile
    • A collection of items

    You can leave these items to anyone you wish, because US laws allow for full testamentary freedom.

    If you leave a gift or percentage of estate to a child under 21, it will be held by the guardian for safekeeping until they reach adulthood.

    Optional step: Assets

    This is a helpful list of your assets so your executor and family can locate them easily. You can add just the name of the institutions where you have accounts, or more information such as account number and current balance. This is not required or legally binding.

  • How do I make my will legally valid?

    Goodwill ensures your will is written in accordance with the laws in the US.

    But until your will is printed and signed properly (with two witnesses), it’s just a piece of paper.

    After you create a will on Goodwill, you’ll be able to download your will. Check your Downloads folder for the file.

    Three staples down the left side will do nicely

    Choose two people to witness your signing

    They must be over 21 and they cannot be a beneficiary in your will or their spouse. They must also be identified clearly in the will.

    The Signing

    Together, you and your witnesses all watching, sign the will.

    According to the Wills Act in the US, your will is now legally valid.

    Store your will

    Store in a safe place at home, or somewhere accessible to your executor. Inform him/her of its location.

    According to the Wills Act in the US, your will is fully legal:

  • Do I need to submit my will to the authorities?

    According to the Wills Act in the US, your will is fully legal:

    • after it is signed properly with two neutral witnesses
    • no need to notarise your will
    • no need to register your will

    After signing, store in a safe place that your executor can access, and inform them.

  • Can I register my will?

    It is not required but if you wish, you can register your will with the US Will Registry. The service only notes that you have a will, and does not store original or copies of your actual will.

  • How do I update my will?

    Goodwill provides unlimited lifetime access. Simply login using your user name and password (or social login), make necessary changes, and re-download your will.

    The remainder of your information is securely stored and accessible at any time

  • Why is Goodwill so much more affordable than going to a lawyer?

    Our mission at Goodwill is to create an affordable and accessible will writing service that anyone can use. Using technology allows us to create efficiencies in how we serve our customers.

    Goodwill offers live expert customer support 7 days a week, and unlimited lifetime access for only $99.

  • Who is behind Goodwill?

    Goodwill was started by estate planning experts Priya Surya and Jonathan Summers-Muir, with support from Entrepreneur First, and SG Innovate, an effort to create a digital ecosystem in the US.

    Priya is a Fulbright scholar and graduate of Harvard University where she obtained her MPA/ID in 2010. She previously worked with World Bank in Washington DC to bring technology to financial inclusion, and was head of New Market Growth in Asia for Bima Mobile, a company that makes insurance accessible to millions of emerging market consumers. Her interest in legal and financial planning stems from her own experience as a mother and daughter was the impetus behind starting Goodwill.

    Jonathan is a web developer and graphic designer. He has led teams across a diverse range of data sensitive products from professional football software, door access security and data analytic aggregation software. He has a keen interest in making the complicated processes of estate planning into a straight forward simple process. He was born in the UK, and now calls the US home.

  • Can I have a will expert double check my will?

    Yes, your will includes full post-sales support every day of the week. Click on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen to speak to us over chat or easily schedule a call.

    After receiving your will, we advise you read it from top to bottom, and speak with us about any questions.

    We can also refer a lawyer for thorny legal issues specific to your situation.

  • Should my spouse and I have a separate will or joint will?

    Joint wills

    Joint wills are highly inflexible. Both partners must agree to make any changes. If one person passes away, it’s difficult for the other person to make changes.

    Individual wills

    With Individual wills, both partners create an account with their own email address and password.

    Individual wills are as easy as mirror wills, and have the benefits without the draw backs.

    The advantages are the following:

    • Flexible - you can make your will exactly like your partner’s or completely different, or anywhere in between. It is up to you.
    • Affordable - it’s even more pocket-friendly with our partner discount
    • Update anytime. No back and forth, just login, make your changes, and print your new ill.
    • Support from expert will writing team with any questions you may have

    Get started here

  • Why would I want to update my will?

    If you bought a new home, added a new family member, gotten married or divorced, if your pet passed away or if you have started investing in a new robo advisory investment account, you should update your will to reflect these changes.

    Often our children may be more or less independent as they grow older, and one might need more help than another.

    Change is the only constant. Don’t let an outdated will disturb your peace of mind.